$10 Strutting Jake Decoy


Want to have your own swiveling strutting Jake without spending a bunch of money? Here is a quick and easy project that cost me 10 bucks and about 10 minutes of build time. This decoy breaks down and fits in a pack easy and will turn and move in the lightest breeze.

Here’s what you need:

- cheap foam Jake decoy

(The Mossy Oak Jake Turkey Decoy can be found at Walmart for $10. Cabela’s and Bass Pro also carry the Redhead Foam Upright Jake for $12)

- Turkey wings and fan

- Newspaper or other stuffing material

- sharp knife

This is a very simple project that takes very little effort to get right. Start by stuffing the the front and back end of the decoy with newspaper or other filler material. Leave space in the middle to allow the stake to still be easily go through the decoy and not get caught on the filler.

Follow the contours of the decoy and in the appropriate place carefully cut spaces for the wings to be pressed into the decoy. These should be small enough so the wings will be held in place but can still be easily removed when packing.

For the tail, cut an opening just behind the decoy wing patterning that extends about halfway down the decoy. Stuffing should be on either side of this cut and will help to hold the fan in place securely.

Once complete, be careful to always gently put the bird on the grounded stake after the bird has already been assembled. This will allow the decoy to still swivel and will also prevent you from damaging the stake slot as this is very cheap and could tear easily if you push too hard. Good luck for the turkey season!