Quality, value, and a lifetime guarantee on your pack. What else could you ask for? My go-to pack for the last few years has been my Fieldline hunters pack. It has held my essentials for a variety of hunts including Wyoming antelope, California black-tailed deer, wild boar, ducks and geese. I’ve dragged it through the mud and rain and pushed the pack to its limits and it still performs every time. So if it’s time to get a hunting pack, think Fieldline.


Coffee made by hunters for hunters. A great company located in Ohio, Hunter's Blend was created by avid hunters and coffee drinkers that merged their passions into a business in support of both communities. Hunter's Blend is direct trade company, meaning they buy directly from farmers instead of passing through various middlemen. This not only puts more money into the coffee growing communities but it also avoids putting money through importers and others who would otherwise lobby against hunting and our way of life. To top it off, the coffee tastes great!