Feather Napkin Holder


When you bird hunt you will likely build up a great supply of feathers for all sorts of projects. One project that came to mind for me was napkin holders. My wife has always used fabric napkins for our dinner table so to add a finishing touch to them I decided to make these feather napkin holders. Inexpensive and a good-looking way to use what others may throw away.


Here is what you will need:


- 8-10 Feathers (in my case I used Gadwall flank feathers)

- 1 Empty Shot shell

- 1 Fabric strip (10-12 Inches in length)

- 1 small circular piece of leather or vinyl for backing

(about the size of the face of the shot shell)


- Hot Glue gun

- Grinder or Dikes

- Plyers

- Paper Towels


With a set of plyers carefully hold an empty shot shell casing and grind the face of the shell off. Be careful not to cut the rim of the shell but cut as close to it as you can. If you do not have a grinder, scissors and a pair of dikes can be used.


Roll paper towels to the size of your fabric napkins and tie the fabric strip in place. Select the group of feathers you would like to use and arrange them how you would like them to be laid out. Once you have the pattern you like, stuff the feathers gently between the paper towel and fabric strip.

Heat a hot glue gun up and inject the glue on both sides of the feathers, being careful not to let the feathers slide around. Try not to use too much glue otherwise it will come out over the edge of the fabric which can be a real pain to clean off the exposed feathers. Allow the glue to cool and verify the feathers are held well by lightly pulling on each feather to make certain it is secured. If not, add a little more hot glue and allow it to cool again.

Take the face of the shot shell and add a drop of hot glue and gently press it on the fabric centered with the feathers and keeping the writing of the shell upright. Allow it to cool.

Untie the fabric and carefully pull away the paper towel, making certain not to pull away any of the feathers in the process. If it becomes too difficult, use scissors to cut away the excess glue and paper towel.

Once the back is cleaned up and paper towels have been removed, add drop of hot glue to your leather or vinyl piece and adhere it to the feathers, opposite the shell face. Allow to cool.

Create a set and style up your dinner table with a little something wild!