Oven Jerky

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Jerky: High protein finger food that is especially delicious in the field. And what better food to have than game meat while out looking to harvest more? This is an easy recipe for homemade jerky that doesn’t require any other cooking appliances than an oven.


 Prep Time: 10  Minutes    Cook Time: 3-5 Hours  Serving Size: ~ 1lbs

- 2-3 lbs Game meat cut into thin, even strips

- Toothpicks


- 3/4C Soy sauce (low sodium recommended)

- 3/4C Worcestershire sauce

- 1/2t Black pepper

- 1t Garlic powder

- 1/2t Onion powder

- 1/2t salt

- 1T Hickory liquid smoke



- 1/4C Cracked black pepper



- 1/4C Crushed red peppers



-1t Cayenne Powder

- 1/4C Crushed red peppers


In a large bowl, combined all marinade ingredients and stir until evenly combined. Add game meat a strip at a time to ensure each strip is surrounded by marinade before placing the next in the bowl. make sure all the meat is covered in marinade and set in the fridge for 1-2 hours.

Once the marinade has set, remove the meat from the fridge and pour into a colander to remove the meat from the liquid. line the bottom of your oven with foil or line a baking pan with foil and place it underneath where you expect to hang your meat. Set your oven rack in the highest position and pull it out so the rack hangs over the oven door to make it easier to set each piece of meat in later.

Place desired coating in a bowl or on a plate and flip each strip of meat onto the coating. use a toothpick to spear the thickest edge of your strip and hang the toothpick between the bars of the oven rack. repeat until all meat is hung.

Set oven to 170 and cook for 3-5 hours depending on preferred doneness. Periodically check the meat by opening the door to allow the moisture out. Once the moisture has stopped, the meat is ready to be removed. Allow the meat to get to room temperature before packaging. In a zip seal bag your jerky should last about a week. In a vacuum sealed bag, 1-2 months. If you begin see water droplets form on the inside of the bag, that is a sign the meat is no longer good to eat as moisture has entered the meat. Enjoy!