Quail Quesadillas


My youngest son loves quesadillas. So when he asked for quesadillas after I pulled out some quail to cook up, I figured, why not? After a nice smoke, I sliced up the quail and made it into some quesadillas for my family to enjoy. if you’re looking for something to get people to try wild game, this would be an easy Mexican dish that leaves people wanting more.


Prep Time: 5 min.    Cook Time: 5 min.    Serving size: 6-8

- 8 Smoked Quail, sliced - Recipe Here

- 1C Mozzarella Cheese

- 1 15oz. can Black Beans

- 6-8 Large Flour Tortillas

- 1C Salsa – Recipe Here

- 1C Guacamole – Recipe Here


Layer cheese, quail and black beans between tortillas and place in a large skillet. toast on both sides until tortillas brown. slice and serve with Salsa and Guacamole. Enjoy!