Sitting in the blind watching ducks fly over our decoy spread and showing little interest in our stationary blobs of plastic, I decided I wanted something that not every blind has. Something that added a little motion to the spread without rotating wings or the hefty price tag of some other fancy rigs. Introducing the Robo-ducks! Remote controlled ducks using a couple of old hollow decoys, a piece of weed eater wire, and a motorized boat. For about $35 bucks and maybe 20 minutes, I whipped this little contraption up to add something a little different in my duck hunting arsenal.


Here’s what you need:

- 2 Plastic Hollow Decoys

- 1 Remote Controlled Boat

        Here’s the one I picked up:

- 1 1-2ft weed trimmer wire

- 2 1 Quart size zip seal bags

- 1 6”x1” self-adhering Velcro piece

- Drill with a small bit

- Handsaw or good set of shears


Take your main decoy and cut away the bottom of it. Keep this cut as minimal as possible to maintain the buoyancy and stability of the decoy. On either side of the decoy near the lowest central point make a 1” slit for the Velcro. Slip each side of the Velcro about 1-2” into the slits and adhere them to the side of the decoy. The two sides should be able to go underneath the decoy and adhere to each other.

Underneath the tail of the cutaway decoy, drill a whole run the weed trimmer wire into the whole and tie a small knot on the inner side to prevent it from slipping out. Take the other end of the wire and tie it to the rig point at the front of your other decoy. This will be the tow line between the two.

Take a zip-seal bag, fill it with air about half way and place it into the cavity of the decoy. This will be the air pocket to keep the decoy from sinking.

For the boat, remove the battery compartment cover, fill a quart size zip-seal bag with about a ¼ way with air and pin it between the boat and the cover. This will assist in preventing water from getting into the interior of the boat and burning out the battery.

Place the boat facing front end towards the head of the decoy and use the Velcro to hold the boat in place.

Take the rig to water, turn on the boat and the remote and have fun driving around your pair of Robo-Ducks!