Turkey Bow Tie


Very Similar in design to my Mallard bow tie, this is a variation of it using the secondary tail feathers from a turkey. I found that the turkey feathers were easier to work with since they already had the shape of the bow tie and it only took stacking three feathers on each side to create. Add some wild flare to your wardrobe and make a conversation piece that you would actually care about wearing.


Here's what you will need:

- 6 secondary turkey tail feathers

- 1"x3" Leather piece (an old belt piece in my case)

1 - Adhesive back bar pin (Amazon Link Here)

- Hot Glue


Stack three feathers of about the same width over each other leaving the ends of each showing and trim the spines so the length is appropriate to what you want (usually about 2 1/2" in overall length). Do the same for the other three. Roll the leather piece tightly around itself leaving enough space to fit the feathers and glue the end to itself. Allow it to cool before releasing pressure. To make it easier, you may want to lightly attach a zip tie so you don't have to keep holding it.

Insert the stacked feathers into each side with the front facing away from the overlapping leather point. Place the tip of the hot glue gun as deep as possible and fill the inner cavity, careful not to overfill. When removing the tip from the bow tie, pull away from the feathers to avoid glue on the feathers in case it has a strand of hot glue trailing off the end.

Once cool attach the bar pin to the back of the bow tie firmly.

When you go to attach it, press the pin through one of the holes in the top botton of your shirt. Enjoy!