Wild Boutonniere


With an upcoming wedding to attend, I decided to make my own wild boutonniere instead of cashing out money for a one-time use, no meaning flower. So, I came up with this. This is a simple project that should only take 10 minutes to make with minimal supplies. The bullet came from a wild boar I harvested back in August and the feathers from a Gadwall a few months later. If you have a need for one, why not make one that is special to you?


What you need:

- Bullet casing

- Self-adhesive name tag pin

- Feathers – I used tertial and covert feathers from a gadwall for mine

- Hot glue


Start by arranging the feathers in a pattern you desire. Place the bullet casing beside the feathers to get an idea of length and trim the feather quills if needed. Next, fill the bullet casing with a little hot glue being careful not to hit the edge. Quickly press the quills into the casing and hold steady until the glue is set. If any correcting is needed, clean the tip of the hot glue gun and carefully use the tip to put a small amount of glue into the casing. A word of caution, hot glue is almost impossible to get out of feathers. To avoid ruining the project, let gravity work for you and any time you pull the hot glue gun away from the boutonniere, pull it down and away from the feathers.

Once the glue is set, attach the self-adhering name tag pin to the back of the bullet casing with the pin pointing up. This is to make it so if the pin pops out, the bullet is more likely to fall off your shirt rather than poke you. Also, caution, pins are pokey…